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Summer in San Diego Brings Many Opportunities to Get Involved

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Warm Weather, Warm Feelings

Now that summer is upon us, the warmer weather and increase in community events have brought many new opportunities for our dogs, trainers, and facility. We recently conducted our second volunteer orientation– which included many young students who are out of school for the summer and are eager to help our cause. Our volunteers have helped us with many activities ranging from building puppy and dog agility equipment to tidying up and organizing, as well as helping socialize our dogs and puppies.

We have also increased our puppy population in the SouthWest region, thanks to a new litter.  The additional puppies allow us to serve more Veterans through our Canine Assisted Warrior Programs. With the higher dog and puppy numbers, we have proudly brought on two recent graduates of Bergin College of Canine studies as volunteer trainees for the summer. Mami Ikenoue and Ketcher Taylor have played an important role in the work that we do in recent months and we are excited to have them.

Having fun and training at the beach
PPH Puppy in training having fun at the beach
Cooling off in kiddie pool
PPH dogs in training cooling off in kiddie pool
Four PPH dogs in training
Four PPH dogs in training at San Diego County Fair
Summer Volunteer Trainee - Ketcher Taylor
San Diego Summer Volunteer Trainee - Ketcher Taylor

Lastly, the summer season brings many opportunities for outdoor training field trips for our dogs. We recently made a trip to the San Diego County Fair.  We have also taken trips to different hiking trails, beaches, and other local hot spots. These locations allow us to get out in the community to spread awareness about our mission as well as train our dogs in new places. Gaining experience and being confortable in a variety of settings is a crucial part in their journey to become service dogs that help wounded Warriors.

We have been so happy with the addition of many volunteers and donors getting involved with our organization and helping with our mission.  Extra help and donations are always welcome. If you’d like to donate needed items for the dogs and our site, check out our Amazon Wishlist.

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