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Graduation Bells

This month marks one year since the first ever San Diego Service Dog graduation! As we hit the one year mark, we can’t help but reminisce about last year’s graduation and this past year’s triumphs.

National Nonprofit Day

Happy National Nonprofit Day! Did you know that every year, August 17th is a day dedicated to recognize the tremendous effort nonprofits and charities put into making an impact in their [...]

A Moment of Reflection

Not many people are aware of the historical significance of this day, but July 27 marks the anniversary of the signing of The Korean National Armistice Agreement, also known as the end of the [...]

That’s A Wrap!

With the month of June coming to a close, the Paws for Purple Hearts team is wrapping up a number of different events! As many of you know, we are celebrating our eleventh year as an organization [...]

Shining a Light on PTSD

Service Dogs aid a wide range of people all over the world for various reasons, but the bulk of our clients receive a Service Dog for one reason in particular, PTSD. Post Traumatic Stress [...]

Fun in the Sun

Looking to beat the heat with your four-legged friend? Summer heat can sometimes make outside playtime difficult. Despite the weather, dogs need fun, exercise, and enrichment all year long. [...]

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