A Brief History of Service Dogs

As far as providing companionship, dogs have been man’s best friend for at least 14,000 years! When exactly dogs were first used to help people with disabilities remains a mystery, but ancient [...]


Giving Thanks on Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday, held annually on the first Tuesday following Thanksgiving, is a global generosity movement for supporting charitable organizations. While in the warm afterglow of Thanksgiving [...]


Eagle Scout Project: New Training Equipment

Puppy Parents are wonderful volunteers that take our Service Dogs-In-Training home on the weekends and holidays. They give our dogs experience living in a home environment, being around new [...]


Warriors Helping Warriors

Outside of providing Service Dogs for Warriors facing mobility challenges or trauma-related conditions, Paws for Purple Hearts is also the pioneer of our unique canine-assisted therapeutic [...]


The Power of Canine Assisted Warrior Therapy®

One of the core features of Paws for Purple Hearts is our Canine Assisted Warrior Therapy® sessions that are held around the country. Most people associate our organization with our Service Dog [...]


A Newbie’s Perspective on Social Therapy

Having positive interactions with others is an extremely important factor when considering an individual’s mental health and well-being. Struggling with relationships in school, on the job, or in [...]


Rosie’s Helps Team Virginia Start 2021 in Style

Paws for Purple Hearts Team Virginia started the year on a happy note when, on January 8, 2021, service dog in training Scout tried his luck at Rosie’s Gaming Emporium’s new location in Dumfries, [...]


The Long Awaited Return to In-Person Canine-Assisted Warrior Therapy®

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Paws for Purple Hearts has kept the connection to our nation’s Warriors alive by using creative solutions. In Virginia, for example, Canine-Assisted Warrior [...]


Wearing A Service Dog Vest Isn’t an All-Access Pass

When you think of a service dog, you might imagine a fluffy golden retriever, a sleek black lab, or perhaps a strong shepherd — but no matter what breed comes to mind, you probably picture them [...]


New Graphic Wraps feature PPH Dogs

That’s a wrap – a van wrap! Everyone will know when the Paws for Purple Hearts team arrives to serve Warriors now that our vans are covered in photos and graphics of our highly-trained dogs. Our [...]

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