Holiday Amazon Wishlist

It’s that time of year again! The holiday season is quickly approaching and we at Paws for Purple Hearts are excited to see what this giving season brings us. With the gift giving bug going [...]


5 Frequently Used Service Dog Commands

Our service dogs learn over 100 commands making them more than capable of serving the most demanding category of mobility impaired Warrior, a quadriplic-level patient. This provides the Military [...]


10 Years of PPH

Paws for Purple Hearts is proud to celebrate 10 years of improving the lives of Veterans and Active Duty Service Members facing mobility challenges and trauma-related conditions. Over the past [...]


ADI Accreditation and What It Means for PPH

ADI stands for Assistance Dogs International. This crucial group defines the standards and develops the best practices by which the service dog industry as a whole operates. Member organizations [...]


PPH Dogs Remain Cool, Calm and Collected Around Cats

Puppies aren’t the only small four-legged friends we have at PPH. Did you know that several of our training centers actually have cats (and in some cases, guinea pigs)? Can you guess why?


Facility Dog Ralph Improves the Lives of Warriors and Healthcare Heroes at the VA

A facility dog’s role is to boost morale, build a welcoming atmosphere and promote healing for Warriors in a clinical setting. In his first year at the Veterans Affairs (VA) Clinic in San Jose, [...]


The Heart of Paws for Purple Hearts

Program instructors are the heart of our organization. They are the ones who train our dogs. They a whole lot of soul into training each top-notch assistance dog and providing Canine-Assisted [...]


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Service Dogs

If you’ve seen a service-dog-in-training out in public, you may have had a few questions running through your mind. What is the dog in training for? How long does it take? Is it hard for the [...]


Wearing A Service Dog Vest Isn’t an All-Access Pass

When you think of a service dog, you might imagine a fluffy golden retriever, a sleek black lab, or perhaps a strong shepherd — but no matter what breed comes to mind, you probably picture them [...]


PPH Service Dogs Help Warriors with Post-Traumatic Stress

June is PTSD Awareness Month – a month dedicated to raising awareness about the signs, symptoms and causes of post traumatic stress (PTS) as well as treatment options. At Paws for Purple Hearts, [...]

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