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Serving the Southeast Region since 2015

About Us

We have served the Southeast Region since 2015 from our facility in the small town of Ruther Glen, Virginia.  We really enjoy the community that surrounds us.  Our neighbors welcomed us and the dogs with open arms and continue to support us as we grow!

Our programs center on our unique service dog training canine assisted therapy (SDTCAT), which reduces the symptoms of PTSD and TBI through structured, positive interaction with our service dogs in training.   We have provided this life-changing therapy to Veterans from the Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Hospital in Richmond, Virginia and to Veterans in a Washington, DC area Vet Center.  We also visit several private Veteran service organization facilities in the area where our service dogs in training provide social therapy to Warriors on the road to recovery. We are expanding our reach to serve more Veterans and Service Members all the time.

Southeast Region

  • Serves Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida.
  • Headquarters: Ruther Glen, Virginia.
  • 7404 Commerce Way, Unit D, Ruther Glen, Virginia 22546
  • (804) 589-0077
Service Area: Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida

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  • Christina Cherry, Program Instructor – from California and is adjusting to the Virginia weather!
  • Heather Martin, Program Instructor – is always interested in learning the latest and greatest about dog health!
  • Alissa Berg, Program Instructor – enjoys spending time with the dogs providing lots of love and cuddles!


  • 2015 – Started social therapy visits at Poplar Springs Military Hospital
  • 2016 – Began to have puppy parents and general volunteers
  • 2017 – Provided service dog training canine assisted therapy to Veterans at the Prince George’s County Vet Center near Washington, DC
  • 2017 – Commenced service dog training canine assisted therapy sessions with multiple groups from Hunter Holms McGuire VA Hospital


  • Autumn, Labrador/Golden Retriever cross — loves to work and get treats! Follow her at #pphAutumn
  • Ronnie, Golden Retriever – loves to play a game of tennis ball! Follow her at #pphRonnie
  • Joan, Golden Retriever – loves to bring you items from around the house! Follow her at #pphJoan
  • Theo, Black Labrador Retriever – loves to take naps! Follow him at #pphTheo
  • Scout, Yellow Labrador Retriever – loves to play! Follow him at #pphScout
  • Elma, Black Labrador Retriever – loves to eat! Follow her at #pphElma
Started social therapy visits at Poplar Springs Military Hospital

Our Partners

Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical Center: In the past year, we have had the privilege to provide our Canine-Assisted Warrior Therapy to patients in three different groups at this very large VA facility in Richmond, Virginia. The Veterans and therapists travel to our facility to participate in our classes weekly or bi-weekly. We also bring our service dogs in training to an inpatient mental health unit here where we conduct social therapy to help reduce stress and promote healing. We are grateful to have connected with the VA and to work with the wonderful individuals associated with the team there. The Veterans who receive the therapy from our program also provide a crucial part in the training of our dogs, and we are grateful to them for all they have done for us.

Poplar Springs Hospital – Military Unit: We have been providing social therapy here for the past 2 years. Poplar Springs was the first hospital we were involved with following our arrival in this region. Their partnership is one we appreciate as our dogs love visiting the patients there.

USO at the Richmond Airport: Several times a month, we visit the USO at the Richmond, Virginia International Airport with some of our service dogs in training. The dogs help welcome returning troops home and also provide comfort to families whose loved ones are deploying from the airport.  This partnership has helped our dogs develop socialization skills as they get acclimated to an airport environment, a must for all future service dogs!  We are glad to be part of this great program.

Southeast Region for Paws for Purple Hearts
Service Area: Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida

Caring Spirits, Serving Warriors

We Need Your Support

Donation to Paws for Purple Hearts can change a warrior’s vision of life from hopelessness to optimism through the loving eyes of a faithful companion.

Your generous, tax-deductible donation to Paws for Purple Hearts will improve the lives of thousands of warriors facing the visible and invisible wounds of warfare and service. You will be restoring their independence and allowing these warriors to reintegrate into society in the nation they so bravely volunteered to defend.


We place service dogs with service members and veterans facing challenges such as:

Mobility issues.  Our dogs can help with tasks such as: retrieving items, pushing buttons for elevators and doors, turning lights on/off, bracing to help move from/to wheel-chairs or to navigate stairs, plus many more.

Diagnosed trauma-related conditions such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).  Our dogs help by performing a variety of tasks specifically designed to reduce symptom severity.

Through our thorough application process, our qualified staff determines if a PPH service dog will be a fit for your specific needs.

Our Long History

Paws for Purple Hearts is the first program of its kind to offer therapeutic intervention for Veterans and active-duty military.

Therapeutic Intervention

Under the guidance of PPH instructors, service members engage with specially-bred Golden Retriever and Labrador puppies.


PTSD patient-trainers must overcome their emotional and affective numbness in order to heighten their tone of voice, bodily movements.

Donation Dollars at Work

With just $19/month gift you will ensure a future service dog has all of its vaccinations, training equipment, and of course toys to get started in their life altering education.

Your gift of any amount will be a tremendous help to our Service Dogs in Training. It costs $52/month in dog food alone for just one dog.

Paws for Purple Hearts Dogs are trained to the most exacting certification because our veterans deserve the best, and thanks to you, they will never have to pay for any of our services. It costs more than $33,000 to raise just one dog to this high standard.

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