DIY Dog Ornaments for the “Howlidays”

Do you think it can be difficult to create your own homemade holiday ornaments that show off your dog’s artistic abilities, while also engaging in some social enrichment activities with them? [...]


What Service Dogs do when they aren’t working

We get the pleasure of sharing what our dogs are doing at the facility with us all throughout the week, but have you ever wondered what the dogs are up to on the weekends? We have wonderful [...]


10 Years of PPH

Paws for Purple Hearts is proud to celebrate 10 years of improving the lives of Veterans and Active Duty Service Members facing mobility challenges and trauma-related conditions. Over the past [...]


How to Interact with a Service Dog in Public

Few things bring more instant joy than interacting with a dog or puppy you just became acquainted with. With the pandemic causing a spike in dog ownership and many using the daily cadence of dog [...]


Rosie’s Helps Team Virginia Start 2021 in Style

Paws for Purple Hearts Team Virginia started the year on a happy note when, on January 8, 2021, service dog in training Scout tried his luck at Rosie’s Gaming Emporium’s new location in Dumfries, [...]


2020 Year In Review

It’s almost impossible to find the right words to describe 2020. While last year was one of the toughest in decades, it also proved how dedicated our staff, volunteers and supporters are to [...]


How Paws for Purple Hearts Dogs Make the Holiday Season Brighter

This year’s holiday season might be the most difficult in our lifetime due to the long shadow cast by the COVID-19 pandemic. The annual social gatherings and family traditions that have been part [...]


Our First Facility Dog Retires After 9 Years of Service

Every moment a Paws for Purple Hearts dog brings joy to a Warrior is a minute, an hour, a day well-spent. The goal of each Paws for Purple hearts dog is to spread love and happiness with those [...]


Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

The Clever Dog Experiment, performed by the Messerli Research Institute in Vienna, found that older dogs can learn new things. In their experiment, researchers asked dogs to choose between two [...]


What does “Warriors Helping Warriors” mean?

You may have heard our motto “Warriors Helping Warriors®,” but do you know why we say it, what it means, and how it relates to our mission? At Paws for Purple Hearts we are dedicated to [...]