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A Wonderful Pack

The Paws for Purple Hearts Virginia site is coming up on 3 years of serving the Virginia area! We are pleased to say that we now conduct four different Canine Assisted Warrior Therapy sessions for Veterans coming from the Richmond VAMC. We have also provided over 1,000 social therapy visits to different Veteran communities! With an ever-growing program, we would like to introduce you to our current service dogs in training.

#pphAutumn on a field trip to IKEA


#pphAutumn comes to us from a partnership with Leader Dogs for the Blind. She arrived a couple months ago at a year and a half and has made a great addition to our program. Her spunky personality makes her a fun dog to train with.

#pphJoan giving #pphRonnie a hug!

Joan & Ronnie

#pphJoan and #pphRonnie come to us from Pekay Goldens and have been with our Virginia site since 8 weeks old! They are our fluffy Golden Retrievers that a couple of our CAWT sessions have had the chance to watch grow up. We are so proud of these girls.

The 3 Muskateers - #pphTheo #pphScout #pphElma

Theo, Scout & Elma

#pphTheo, #pphScout and #pphElma come to us from a partnership with Project 2 Heal. Do you remember seeing these puppies when they were itty bitty?? It was only half a year ago…. My how time flies! These older pups are coming into their own personalities and doing well in their training.

#pphAutumn on a field trip to IKEA


#pphKatie come to us from Rooster Valley Labradors. She is our youngest service dog in training here. Katie may look little but she is mighty and keeps up with the older pups. Her exuberant personality makes her always excited and ready to train!

Help Fund the Pups

Are you interested in keeping up with their daily adventures?? If so, come join us on Facebook and “Like” our page. We are also always in need of supplies to keep our program running. Have you checked out our Amazon wishlist recently? It has some of the essential items we are currently looking for. Thanks in advance for checking out these pages!

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