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Puppy Lands in San Antonio!

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Hello Libby!

We are proud to introduce Liberty (also known as Libby) who was named by the American Legion Auxiliary Department of California. We would like to thank Department President Loretta Marsh and The American Legion Auxiliary for raising over $25,000 to support our work to provide our top-notch service dogs and highly innovative canine-assisted therapy to America’s Warriors.

Libby is from the first Paws for Purple Hearts litter born in partnership with Bergin College of Canine Studies. Libby participated in early puppy training with the students and volunteers at Bergin. She and her 5 siblings all received plenty of training time, play time, and of course, puppy nap time! Libby’s 5 litter mates will either continue their training at Bergin or be assigned to other Paws for Purple Hearts sites across the country to complete their training to become a service dog!

Libby is beginning her duties by participating in early puppy training with our San Antonio-based Program Instructors. She has been learning the foundations of appropriate home behavior and of course, how to play fetch! Libby has started helping us provide our life-changing Canine Assisted Warrior TherapyTM to Warriors at the Audie Murphy Memorial VA Hospital to help them reduce their PTSD and TBI symptoms.  She will devote herself to similar therapeutic work at the Austin VA Outpatient Clinic soon as well.

Libby, eager for the next command!
Libby, eager for the next command!

Paws for Purple Hearts puppies require a lot of time with as many people as possible as part of their training! Puppies also require a lot of play time in between training. You can volunteer to be a puppy playtime facilitator or general dog handling volunteer! Click here for an application on how to get started!

Our San Antonio site will be hosting a Volunteer Orientation!

Where: 202 Red Horse Dr. Bldg 3 San Antonio, TX 78226
When: October 1 at 5PM.
More event details

San Antonio Volunteer Orientation

Puppy parents are essential in the raising and training of a Paws for Purple Hearts service dog! If you are interested in becoming a puppy parent for any of our other puppies across the country, please click here for more information on how to get started.

Please consider supporting our work financially as well.

BUCS Tera, Libby and her siblings
BUCS Tera, Libby and her siblings
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