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Summertime and Puppies Arrive in San Diego

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It is summertime in San Diego, and new puppy time! We have welcomed both #pphSandy and #pphEasternStar to our San Diego location. Their arrival was met with lots of excitement in our San Diego group. There is so much to look forward to as they start their training to become top-notch Service Dogs. PPH puppies represent so many of the great people involved in this organization: the donors, volunteers, staff and of course our brave Warriors who play such a huge part in the puppies journey by participating in Canine Assisted Warrior Therapy®.

We are always so thankful for our donors. Their generosity is even more apparent when we have new puppies with us. Donors play such a big part in helping to provide for the puppies while they learn and develop. Donors help with the training equipment, treats, food, toys, cleaning supplies, and much more. These things are extremely important to our service dog training.

The names of our puppies often come from donors as well. We offer this opportunity to thank our donors. It can be any name they think fits the dogs. Naming a puppy can also be an opportunity for a donor to honor someone close to them. We as an organization also will name a puppy in honor of a donor, as a way of thanking them. We in San Diego have Sandy who was named by a donor; and Eastern Star, whom we named in honor of the Grand Chapter of California, Order of the Eastern Star, in recognition of their rock-solid support.  They have been big supporters of our mission.

PPH San Diego welcomes Sandy
PPH San Diego welcomes Sandy
Eastern Star has fun playing during his first week in San Diego
Eastern Star has fun playing during his first week in San Diego

Now that Sandy and Eastern Star are with us in San Diego, we have another chance to express our heartfelt gratitude to our wonderful volunteers.  Sandy and Eastern Star are young puppies, so there are many things they are still learning and experiencing. Things such as potty training, socializing, playing, confidence building and teething. Volunteers are at our facility every day and help our puppies experience new things and work on target behaviors to help make them excellent service dogs. Sandy has met new PPH friends with the help of our volunteers. She is jubilant every time a volunteer brings her out into the yard to play and socialize. Eastern Star is learning in his new environment too.  He is not always confident with new experiences. Our volunteers are here to help him build that confidence. Both Sandy and Eastern Star are learning lots and growing. Our volunteers help make this all easier for them.

All our dogs are in our training program to one day be placed with a Warrior in one-on-one partnerhip, but until then they work with groups of Warriors in our Canine Assisted Warrior Therapy. Having two new puppies with us is very exciting. Knowing that they have a great journey ahead of them and they will make a difference to many, many Warriors over the next few years. They will learn how to help reduce the symptoms of PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injuries.

These puppies symbolize the dedication and determination of many devoted people involved in accomplishing our mission. It is great knowing that puppies such as Sandy and Eastern Star will grow into top-tier service dogs that will one day be placed with and bond with a fortunate Warrior to help them overcome mobility impairments and/or trauma-related conditions to engage fully in their lives and communities.

If you would like to help Sandy and Eastern Star in their journey to become a service dog, please consider donating or volunteering.

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