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6 Ways To Show Your Love For PPH this Valentine’s Day

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Who says Valentine’s Day has to be all about romantic love?

Here are six ways to show some puppy love and make Paws for Purple Hearts your Valentine this year.

1.  Donate in honor of your sweetheart

What do you give someone with a heart of gold and a love for dogs and America’s Service Members? You could make a loving gesture to a cause that’s close to their heart. This Valentine’s Day, consider making a donation in your sweetheart’s name to Paws for Purple Hearts. Every donation to PPH helps our pups and enables our organization to better serve America’s Warriors. If your special Valentine feels a connection to the military community, service animals, or the overarching Paws for Purple Hearts mission, this can be a great way to give a gift that makes a difference in the lives of America’s heroes.

Click here to donate to Paws for Purple Hearts.

2.  Turn date night into donate night with a fundraiser

If you want to grow the love for PPH, consider hosting a fundraiser to help raise awareness and donations to fund the work we do. It could be as simple as getting a donation jar and taking up a collection in your local community. Or, go bigger and host a garage sale or bake sale and donate the proceeds to PPH. You could even turn your Valentine’s Day party into a fun auction party to gather donations and spread the word about PPH.

3.  Will you be my… volunteer?

Show our dogs some love in-person by volunteering at one of our Paws for Purple Hearts Centers. Volunteers at our centers help to groom and play with the dogs, clean our facilities, fundraise for our organization, and more. Whether you’d like to volunteer your skills and talents to contribute to our mission, or donate some time to giving our dogs baths and belly rubs, we truly appreciate it (and the dogs do, too!).

We love our volunteers — they are the reason we’re able to do the work we do for America’s Service Members.

Click here to apply to be a PPH volunteer.

4.  Give a gift from the heart… Or from our Amazon Wishlist

Want to send our dogs (or our trainers) a Valentine’s Day gift? Check out our Amazon Wishlist, where we’ve listed various toys and treats that our pups love, as well as tools and supplies that our trainers need to teach our dogs the necessary skills to provide world-class service and support for Warriors.

Pick from our National Wishlist, or view the Wishlists for specific PPH locations. Our dogs and staff love getting gifts in the mail, and we appreciate the thoughtfulness of our PPH admirers!

Nothing’s more exciting than new treats and toys from our Amazon Wishlist
Nothing’s more exciting than new treats and toys from our Amazon Wishlist

5.  Give us some love… on social media

When you like, share, or comment on our social media posts, you help PPH gain more attention and support across our communities. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to see stories about our dogs, our generous supporters, and the incredible Service Members and Veterans that we serve.

Sharing our posts with your friends and family is a great way to help spread the word about the work that we do. The more people who know about Paws for Purple Hearts and our mission, the more we can provide to America’s Warriors. Show us some love by giving us some “likes” on social media!

6.  Put your love into action as a puppy parent

Valentine’s Day is about celebrating all types of love… and one of our favorites is puppy love! If you have a soft spot for puppy-dog-eyes, and would like to spend time with one of our adorable furballs, consider applying to become a Puppy Parent for PPH.

Puppy Parents help us raise our service-dogs-in-training by taking a pup home with them on weeknights or weekends, to expose the dog to the ins and outs of living in a household. Since we don’t know what home situation our service dogs will end up in, it’s important that we get them comfortable with various aspects of home life — such as stairs, carpeted and hardwood or tile floors, or the common sounds of vacuums and washing machines.

As a Puppy Parent, you help us raise dogs who are calm and comfortable in all types of situations, which is essential for their service dog career as they will someday accompany their handler in many different environments.

Click here to apply to be a Puppy Parent.

There are many kinds of love to celebrate on Valentine’s Day, but our favorite is the kind that comes with a wet nose and a wagging tail! Thank you in advance for your generous support of Paws for Purple Hearts. This work isn’t possible without all of our PPH Valentines.

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