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National Nonprofit Day

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Happy National Nonprofit Day! Did you know that every year, August 17th is a day dedicated to recognize the tremendous effort nonprofits and charities put into making an impact in their communities and across the globe? Nonprofits throughout the country work to promote awareness and offer assistance to individuals who otherwise would not be able to afford it. Their activities contribute to shaping our society and providing hope for a brighter future.

The History 

Sherita J. Herring, a renowned speaker, best-selling author and business strategist, founded National Nonprofit Day with the intent to educate, enlighten, and empower others to make a difference, while also acknowledging those that are working to impact and improve lives every day. The Tariff Act of 1894 was signed into law on August 17th, imposing the first federal income tax on corporations, and providing exclusions from the federal income tax levied on corporations for charitable organizations and charities. With a few modifications, nonprofit exemptions remain a solid part of the law and have served significant benefits, both for communities and the economy. Incentives like this one make the nonprofit environment more accessible to new organizations. Through nonprofits, awareness, research, and assistance are able toreach the people who need it most. Nonprofits also generate tremendous benefits to their surrounding communities and the broader world.

Cavender Cares visiting Koslosky, Cavender, and Chapman at the PPH San Antonio facility.
Cavender Cares visiting Koslosky, Cavender, and Chapman at the PPH San Antonio facility.

Ways You Can Help 

Are you interested in giving back or offering assistance to Paws for Purple Hearts? Our organization has abundant opportunities to make meaningful contributions to the community as a Volunteer. Each of our sites offers a variety of options like Puppy Parenting, Volunteering, becoming a Fundraising Champion, and more!

We offer a variety of programs for our community members to join us when their busy schedules permit. Our Puppy Parent program is one of the most immersive volunteer opportunities we have at our organization. After completing required training, Puppy Parents are allowed to host a Service Dog-In-Training for a short time and provide an environment for our dogs to relax. Not only is this an excellent opportunity for our dogs to take a break, but they also learn how to behave in different home environments.
General Volunteer options are also available to those who may not be able to commit as much time as needed for Puppy Parenting. There is a wide range of volunteer opportunities available, you only need to ask your local PPH facility how you can help! Our organization also offers Fundraising Champion opportunities. Fundraising Champions are a more virtual and remote option that allows our participants to reach out to their local community and fundraise on our behalf. Our Fundraising Champion open up more avenues for connections with our local community that we may not have had access to before.

There are a handful of options for our friends and peers who want to be a part of us fulfilling our mission. The support from our community alone is enough for us. On this National Nonprofit Day we ask that you join us in spreading our mission to help us reach Warriors in need.

If you’d like to support our program you can make an in-kind donation today by visiting our Amazon Wishlist and sending your gifts to your local PPH facility.

Looking to help our cause? We couldn’t do what we do without our supporters! Please consider helping us spread the word about our mission to your community. Your support allows us to continue to fulfill our mission in helping Veterans and Active Duty Service Members. By simply helping us get the word out there, you are helping us to continue to fulfill our mission. Please also consider a monetary donation or donating from our Amazon Wishlist to help our cause.

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