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Christmas Crafting with Your Pet

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There are a lot of fun activities you can do with your family pet this time of year. One of my favorites is a fun crafting activity that you can keep year after year. It’s very simple and can be done with any pet that has feet! I’m going to explain how to make some adorable Christmas decorations that can double as ornaments.

At our Alaska site, our pups decided to show you how they make Christmas tree and wreath paintings using their paws and just a few simple items. Go to your nearest craft store and get non-toxic paint or ink stamp pads. This is what you’ll use to get the general shape of your tree or wreath. You’ll also need some regular markers and however many white paper plates or blank white canvases that you might want to paint on. Then it’s as simple as dipping your pets’ back paw into the paint or onto the ink pad. It’s recommended to use the back paw rather than a front one because the shape comes out a little clearer. Using the green ink or paint, you’ll press their paw down into it and then onto your blank canvas one after another, forming a circle. This is how you make a wreath. Then using the red marker, draw holly berries in-between each paw print. Don’t forget to add a bow at the bottom of your wreath.

Paul getting his paw dipped in paint.
Paul getting his paw dipped in paint.

To make a Christmas tree, you do the same repetitive task, only this time you’ll use their paw to create a large pyramid shape. You can use markers to draw ribbon over the painted portion and add an angel or star to the very top once you’re all done. Then simply punch a whole on the top of the plate once the paint has dried and string a ribbon through for easy hanging! You can do this exact same process on a plain glass or ceramic ornament. Please make sure to thoroughly wash your pets’ paws that were dipped in the paint or ink as soon as you’re done!

Hopefully, you and your pet will have as much fun making these adorable additions to your holiday decorations as we did at the PPH Alaska site. Use whatever colors and as much glitter as you would like to really personalize each one of these ornaments for your home. Happy Holidays!

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