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A Winning Partnership with TurFresh

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Summer is here at our San Diego location! Our team, including our service dogs in training, are very much looking forward to the nice weather. We all enjoy being outside as much as possible. Our state of the art facility has great turf areas for the dogs to spend time on. They do everything from play, train, exercise, cool off and socialize. Our dogs, trainers, Warriors, and volunteers are out on the turf on a daily basis. We know how much the dogs, and everyone enjoys the turf, so we want to keep it in the best shape possible. And so, we have teamed up with TurFresh to help keep our turf clean and in good condition. TurFresh is an innovative turf cleaning company, dedicating to exploring ways Enzymes and Natural earth materials can benefit people and our environment.

Their Mission: To provide the most innovative artificial grass and artificial turf cleaning products and pet odor removal products for pet owners who seek an organic, commercial high-grade enzymatic sanitizer that will effectively eliminate urine odor from their artificial grass.

Thanks to TurFresh’s generous donation, we are able to spray the turf and help kill the harmful bacteria that may reside there. Bad smells and dirty substances can take all the fun out of playing or training on turf.  TurFresh ensures our turf will be extremely clean and we can enjoy it throughout the Summer. Our service dogs in training all enjoy the turf in different ways! Service Dogs in Training Delta and Loretta like to play in the kiddie pool and with the hose, while Drew, George, and Stevie prefer tug-o-war with the rope toys. Sully and Otis enjoy playing with the volunteers in the agility yard. We know our dogs get really excited when Warriors and volunteers bring them out to the turf to play. We are so excited to have teamed up with TurFresh to keep our dogs on clean, healthy turf. Our partnership with them makes a difference, allowing our dogs to continue to be better socialized and prepared to complete their missions and become lifelong partners for brave Warriors with PTSD, TBI and/or mobility challenges.

Thank you to the Warriors, Donors, and Volunteers who have helped in the development of our Facility. If you’re interested in helping us, please consider donating and/or volunteering!

TurFresh Turf Odor Eliminator
TurFresh Turf Odor Eliminator
Sully relaxing in a sit, after playing with a volunteer
Sully relaxing in a sit, after playing with a volunteer
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