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If I want a service dog, how do I start the process?


If you are looking for the type of service dogs we provide, thanks so much for your interest in one of our wonderful service dogs!  The process to get a service dog is involved, so please read the instructions carefully and submit a completed application.  Unfortunately, we cannot process applications until we have received all required information.

A completed application includes the following:

  1. You must be an active-duty Service Member or a Veteran with service-related disability
  2. Your photo.
  3. A completed Assistance Dog Application form found
  4. A Medical History form completed by your physician or primary care specialist
  5. A personal letter of reference from a friend, teacher, or someone other than family
  6. A professional letter of reference from a therapist, social worker, teacher, or any other professional with whom you have contact.
  7. A one-page letter stating your reasons for wanting a service dog and how you feel the dog would benefit you.
  8. Please email the completed application to us at [email protected]
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