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San Diego Veterans Day Parade

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At Paws for Purple Hearts it was time to join the country in honoring our Veterans and their sacrifices by celebrating Veterans Day. It is this weekend our nation takes time to give thanks to all those who have served. For the community of San Diego, everyone comes together to celebrate the local Veterans and military members. We decided to join the community, by walking in the San Diego Veterans Day Parade.  This is a big and well-known event for San Diego. We were happy to have Paws for Purple Hearts and our dogs represented in it.

Our Service Dogs in Training got to walk along the San Diego Harbor, next to large Naval ships and submarines. Our team included a volunteer trainer, our Advancement Associate, and Jules a 10-month-old puppy. Our volunteer trainer is a Marine Veteran, who got involved with us through our Canine Assisted Warrior Therapy program. He is now an important part of our volunteer program. All of our dogs spent the long weekend with their puppy parents so Jules was up for walking in the Parade. She did a great job representing the dogs of our organization; whether they are service dogs, facility dogs, or therapy dogs. Jules did a great job showing what she can do to honor our Veterans in the San Diego Veterans Day Parade.

Volunteer Trainer, Michael (left) and our Advancement Associate, Ketcher (right) stand with Jules for the Parade. PPH SD Veterans Parade

The Parade was a great way for us to show what our organization and programs are about. The Parade brings a large population of people to one area and the focus is the celebrate Veterans and the active military. As we walked, we were shown a huge amount of support. The crowd clapped and cheered as they saw our volunteer trainer walk by with Jules. They were informed of our programs as the announcer read our mission and what we offer. They also announced ways for the community to get involved; which is through volunteer opportunities and donations, both things we are very grateful for. And very happy the Parade organizers shared that gratitude.

If you were at the Parade, thank you for showing your support!

If you were unable to make it and would like to get involved; please consider our volunteer opportunities and making donations which including gifting something on our Amazon Wishlist.

For future events you might want to attend or get involved with, please visit our event page.

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