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In the Community

 In In the media, Virginia

“I am so excited about in the community this morning and our special guest we have joining us from Paws for Purple Hearts” said Jessica Cash from 93.3 WFLS in Fredericksburg, Virginia as CAO Mike Hogan, Advancement Associate Lindsey Stiefvater, and Program Instructor Heather Martin gathered around the mics to educate the community about Paws for Purple Hearts. As we were gathered around it was no surprise that butterflies overwhelmed us, as this was a huge opportunity to spread the word about our organization’s mission and our nation’s Warriors.

Two months prior Advancement Associate Lindsey Stiefvater had reached out to 93.3 WFLS about an opportunity to become involved and promote Paws for Purple Hearts. Little did she know that two months later she would be sitting in the same room as CMA Award Winner, Jessica Cash. As the three prepared for the day, Lindsey brainstormed ideas to speak about but ultimately it came down to making our surrounding areas aware of our Canine Assisted Warrior Therapy ™, our Warriors stories, and how to get involved and make a difference.

Autumn, Service Dog in Training steals the show

The whole Alpha Media team greeted us with open arms, Jessica was calm and sweet, an obvious seasoned professional. She invited us into the production room, our palms sweating, she assured us it would be fine and, in the end, we would be having a great time. She was right. As we started the show, Mike gracefully explained Paws for Purple Hearts mission and the meaning behind Warriors Helping Warriors®, Jessica asked questions and the three of us took turns educating the community. Thankfully we had a special guest to help us with the harder questions, Service Dog in Training, Autumn joined us for the exciting day!

Autumn patiently waited until it was her turn and then she demonstrated commands given by her handler, Heather. Autumn awed everyone in sight, and was the life of the show as Jessica videotaped her to share with everyone on their Facebook page!

Humbled and Passionate

All in all, it was a humbling experience, for Mike, Lindsey, and Heather their line of work is their passion. More so our Warriors are their passion and Jessica noticed that as she stated “I can tell the three of you have such a passion for what you do, that is fantastic”. We cannot thank Jessica Cash enough for this opportunity, because of individuals like herself it is possible for us to spread the word about Paws for Purple Hearts and for us to reach more Veterans.

CAO Mike Hogan, Program Instructor Heather Martin, Advancement Associate Lindsey Stiefvater, and Service Dog in Training Autumn visiting 93.3 WFLS.

Today, we would ask that you listen to our session and consider doing 2 things:

  1. First, please go to our Facebook website: Paws for Purple Hearts Virginia and share the PPH story on your timeline with a request to your friends that they join you in making a gift to Paws for Purple Hearts AND then share the PPH story with THEIR friends.
  2. Then push that DONATE button on our PPH Facebook page and give back to our Warriors who have sacrificed so much for you and for our freedom. When you donate through the PPH giving page please note that you heard us on In the Community 93.3 WFLS.
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