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Holiday Amazon Wishlist

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It’s that time of year again! The holiday season is quickly approaching and we at Paws for Purple Hearts are excited to see what this giving season brings us. With the gift giving bug going around, we know some dog owners out there are looking for the perfect gift for their furry friends. We are more than happy to share some of our favorite toys and enrichment items that our service dogs-in-training absolutely love and that we constantly keep on our Amazon Wishlist!

Toys for Pups

There are so many options to choose from for your furry companion. And with that, there are a few things to take into consideration when choosing the right toy for your pet. Depending on the breed and size of your pooch it’s important to ensure that you select the appropriate size and durability of the toy for safe chew sessions and playtime. We have our favorite chews that we like to choose from, but most chew toys made from nylon (and some bacon flavoring) work great! Our dogs also love most anything that is chicken flavored or even with a hint of peanut butter. Because we are a purpose bred organization and have dogs that are either Golden Retrievers, Labradors or a cross between the two, we make sure to get the largest size possible. A good rule of thumb to abide by is if the toy can fit entirely in the dog’s mouth, then it’s too small for them to have and could pose a choking hazard. Chew toys are perfect for heavy chewers and they are incredibly durable and long lasting. Our younger pups especially love them for when they have a little extra energy that needs to be spent wisely.

PPH Team San Antonio
PPH Team San Antonio
Puppy Chapman playing with his first favorite toy.
Puppy Chapman playing with his first favorite toy.

All Year Round

These are only just some of the toys and treats we use for our dogs and you can check out our Amazon Wishlist for more ideas for toys and treats. These items aren’t just for the Holiday season either, they are perfect year round. Our trainers love giving them to our dogs not just for training or enrichment purposes, but to also reward the dog and allow them a reprieve from a hard day of training. It’s always good to reward your furry friend every now and again and give them some extra love and treats when needed. Nothing says the Season of Giving like showing your four-legged friend just how much you love them.

If you’d like to support our program you can make an in-kind donation today by visiting our Amazon Wishlist and sending your gifts to your local PPH facility.

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