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From Puppy to Hero

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Paws for Purple Hearts has high performance standards for service dogs. They cannot be fearful, insecure, or uncomfortable around people, other dogs, unusual objects or noises. This is why we have puppy petting to provide our pups with those early interactions that shape their ability to become successful service dogs.

Puppy Petting

Puppy Petting is where we have volunteers trained to handle our puppies. They follow a precise protocol where every inch of the puppy’s body is stroked, and the puppy is handled carefully in ways that instill confidence and positive associations with handling.

Puppies are born with billions of neurons, but only the neurons that are utilized survive. The mom’s licking stimulates the neurons but not enough to prepare a service dog’s brain for life in a “human world”. ​Every part of a puppy’s body needs stimulation. All gently touched while carefully moving around their body all the way from their nose to their tail.

If you would like to become a puppy petter, you can visit our website and fill out an application!

Our puppies start training at 4 weeks old
Our puppies start training at 4 weeks old

Introducing the “A” Litter

We are pleased to announce the “A” Litter!  Maggie gave birth to 7 healthy beautiful puppies – 3 boys and 4 girls. Maggie is a 1 1/2 year old Golden/Lab mix and is one of the sweetest dogs you’ll ever meet. Maggie’s Pups are going to be at the Menlo Park Location for 4-6 weeks for puppy petting. Starting when they are 4 weeks old, these puppies help our Warriors in the Canine Assisted Warrior Therapy® Program. They will go on to learn more than 100 standard commands as well as specific commands to help reduce symptoms of PTSD, TBI and MST.

Our puppies love toys! They have to get used to a variety of toys including hard ones like bones and soft fuzzy stuffed animals etc. Enrichment toys help our pup’s ability to learn and help them develop skills that they need as successful service dogs. They also provide mental stimulation to reduce boredom and promote appropriate chewing behaviors. You can help our puppies succeed by checking out our Amazon puppy wishlist!

Naming a Puppy

The names of our puppies often come from our donors as a way to thank them for supporting Paws for Purple Hearts. These puppies will grow and become top-tier service dogs that will one day be placed with a Warrior-in-need. Once our pups are named you can follow their journey with their PPH hashtag or find photos of the PPH “A” litter on our Menlo Park Facebook Page. We are so excited for the next litter of future service dogs. All of our services including canine therapy, training and final service dog placement are provided at no cost to Warriors. If you would like to donate, you can visit our website or text “purplepaws” to 707070!

Donate Toys to our future litter of service dogs
Donate Toys to our future litter of service dogs.
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