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DIY Dog Ornaments for the “Howlidays”

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Do you think it can be difficult to create your own homemade holiday ornaments that show off your dog’s artistic abilities, while also engaging in some social enrichment activities with them? Then this simple but fun salt dough ornament is perfect for you and your pooch. All the ingredients necessary to create this unique artwork are found in a typical kitchen, so there will likely be no need to go out and spend more money at the craft store for this project.

When finished, you’ll have the perfect ornament for your Christmas Tree, Yule decorations or Festivus Pole!

An Easy, Paw Print Ornament

Getting Started

The first step to any great project is assembling all of your ingredients, so let’s get to work!

  • First, grab one cup of all-purpose flour in a measuring cup
  • After you’ve done that, you’ll need a cup of salt
  • Next, let’s grab some parchment paper and a baking sheet to bake your salt dough ornament on
  • Finally, grab a pen or a pencil in order to create the hole needed to hang your finished ornament on some string or whatever you might want to use to hang it up when you’re finished

Next, let’s get your oven set to preheat at 200 degrees so that it will be ready to go once you’ve completed all the steps! Now that you’ve gathered your items, you’ll mix the main three ingredients, water, flour, and salt, into a mixing bowl and knead it together for 30-45 seconds until it sticks together. Don’t be afraid to get in there and use your hands to make it stick together!

Once the dough is grouping together, you’ll section off medium sized balls of dough to flatten out against your parchment paper covered baking sheet. Using any cup you have in your cupboards, let’s cut out a nice, even circle for your dog’s paw print to rest!

Following Steps

Now that your circle of dough is ready to go, let’s get your dog’s paw print on there and in the oven! It’s easiest if you get yourself situated on the floor with your furry friend so that you can guide their paw onto the dough. Once you’ve aligned their paw up, go ahead and press down gently to embellish their print into the dough and release to reveal your dog’s beautiful paw print!

Looking for an extra, fun tip to make your ornament even better? Try gently lifting the opposite leg of the paw in the salt dough and more weight will be put onto the paw being printed! This will help show off your dog’s paw even more and leave you with clearer results.

Make sure to gently stamp your dog’s paw in there and embed each pad into the dough
Make sure to gently stamp your dog’s paw in there and embed each pad into the dough

Finishing Touches

Now that your paw print is set into the dough, you’re going to want to take that pen or pencil and put a hole at the top so that you are able to pull a string through the final product and hang it up! Once that step is complete, go ahead and put your baking tray and paw print into your oven and let it bake at 200 degrees for 2-3 hours so that the dough has time to fully set and harden. After your timer goes off, you get to decide what to do next! Whether you want to paint the year and name of your puppy into the dough or leave it plain is completely up to you! We hope you enjoyed this DIY Dog Ornament project and cherish your special ornament for years to come.

Time to go in the Oven!
Time to go in the Oven!

Looking for more ways to incorporate your pets into your holiday celebrations this year? Our Amazon Wishlist makes it easier than ever to support your local PPH site and provide our service-dogs-in-training fun presents this Yuletide season or head straight to the donation page on our website to donate directly. Interested in more enrichment activities for your dog? Check out our “Howliday Enrichment” post on our website to see more ways you and your friends can celebrate this holiday season with your pooch! Thank you for your support and “Happy Howlidays!”

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