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Busy Times in Menlo Park.

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Welcome our newest PPH member, Schatzie.  She is eager to start her tour of duty with Veterans in the Men’s Trauma Recovery Program here at the Menlo Park VA.

Welcoming Schatzie

Timmy, Ozzy, and now Schatzie

Three seems to be the magic number here in Menlo Park for Service Dogs in Training: Timmy, Ozzy, and now Schatzie. We also have a Facility Dog named Webb.

Schatzie fits right in taking 4th of July pictures.

Happy 4th


Autumn was only at Menlo Park a short time but she touched so many Veterans. She will continue her training in Virginia. Here are the dogs wishing her well before she starts her next tour of duty within PPH. Left to tight: Autumn, Schatzie, Timmy, Webb

Find her at #PPHAutumn

Farewell photo


Ozzy continues his training. He is learning commands on land and sea apparently.

Find him at #PPHOzzy

Land Shark


Timmy turned 3. Who can say they have helped so many Veterans and became a father all before the age of 3? Only our Timmy!

Find him at #PPHTimmy

Turning 3

Great info to keep handy:

Menlo Park Team Service Area: San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area

Address: 795 Willow Road, Bldg. 400, Menlo Park, CA. 94025

Phone: 650-493-5000 x: 20201

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