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Big Moves

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As many of our readers know, this year has been monumental for Paws for Purple Hearts. With two new sites opening and one site moving their campus, we have been incredibly busy! The Northwest has been the most recent expansion, along with our new North-Mid regional campus beginning to be established. With a building officially locked down in Lakewood, WA, the Northwest team has been making big changes.

Service Dogs-In-Training Ericson and Patrick at the Washington Campus
Service Dogs-In-Training Ericson and Patrick at the Washington Campus

Between new coats of paint and furniture orders being fulfilled, the team has been incredibly busy setting things up. Our Service Dogs-In-Training there, Patrick and Ericson, have been making big leaps in the community by attending different events such as music therapy sessions with a local veteran group and frequent trips to the local Veterans Hospital nearby. These outings, as well as having different people filter in and out of the new facility, have been great opportunities for them to further their training!

Senior Program Instructor Cassidy Cooley has been hard at work with those two, while Advancement Associate Claire Richardson continues to get the facility up and running into the new year. Additionally, they are preparing to host their first open house at their new site, so keep your eye out for that in 2023!

Along with the changes in the west, even more exciting moves are being made in our South-Mid region…

We are thrilled to announce that our South-Mid team will be moving to a brand new location! But don’t fret, even though the team is moving to a new facility, they will still be located in the great city of San Antonio, also known as Military City, USA. For the past five years, the San Antonio team has called their current location at 202 Red Horse Drive home, and will soon be moving to the north-west side of town at 5119 Beckwith Boulevard and reside there for the next 10 years. With this move will come new opportunities to reach out to the community and reach more of our Veteran and Active Duty Service Member populations.

Service Dogs-In-Training Eaton and Koslosky primed and ready for work!
Service Dogs-In-Training Eaton and Koslosky primed and ready for work!

Team South-Mid is already hard at work preparing for the move, from packing boxes to staging furniture, and from building renovations to painted walls! Our Program Instructors Erica, Jenny and Bella are holding down the fort on the dog side of our operations and continuing to hold CAWT sessions until our new facility is ready for the big switch, while our Advancement Associate is working with our volunteers and community partners to make the move possible! Once the new site is ready and established, our San Antonio team will be holding an Open House in January to commemorate this new chapter! So be on the lookout on social media for that announcement! If you are local to San Antonio, and are interested in helping out with this move, please reach out to our Advancement Associate, Dani Garroutte, at [email protected]

Looking to help our cause? We couldn’t do what we do without our supporters! Please consider helping us spread the word about our mission to your community. Your support allows us to continue to fulfill our mission in helping Veterans and Active Duty Service Members. By simply helping us get the word out there, you are helping us to continue to fulfill our mission. Please also consider a monetary donation or donating from our Amazon Wishlist to help our cause.

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