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A Warrior Namesake We Remember and Celebrate

 In Ruther Glen, Service Dog Training, Southeast Region

It is always a joy welcoming a new litter of puppies into Paws for Purple Hearts.  This time around it was extra special as PPH Virginia welcomed service dog in training, Scotty, aboard. You might be wondering what makes Scotty such a special pup that she gets her own blog, and though we could talk about her namesake for hours, we are excited to fill you in on why this little girl is so special.

A True American Hero

Wilbur L. Scott is a U.S. Army WWII Veteran who recently passed away at age 99. He served with General George Patton’s 3rd Army in the 13th Armored Division during the Battle of the Bulge and the campaign to free Europe.  During his time in Europe, he was severely wounded, receiving two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star for Valor having shot nine enemy soldiers with a single eight-round clip from an M1 Garand rifle. Wilbur L. Scott even delivered a German woman’s baby as she was in labor after a firefight. He is a true American hero. After the war, Wilbur came home, raised a family, was a painter on skyscrapers in San Francisco, and developed a few innovations to help the workers on his job sites. Wilbur is remembered as a gentle guy who loved to paint, carve logscapes and make crafts for his four children, six grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren.

Though you have probably caught on by now, Paws for Purple Hearts was honored to have the opportunity to name Scotty after this brave Warrior and true American hero.

In Remembrance of Wilbur L. Scott”
In Remembrance of Wilbur L. Scott”

An Important Journey for An Important Pup

 As Scotty starts her journey in Virginia, we are honored and excited to see her progress and many successes. PPH’s Clinical Director, Matthew Decker, was the facilitator of Wilbur’s PTSD support group, along with his PPH dog Larson for two years. Larson played a huge role in Wilbur’s life and we are sure Scotty will do the same for many brave Warriors. First, Scotty will participate in Canine Assisted Warrior Therapy™, impacting the lives of dozens of Warriors during those innovating therapeutic sessions.  Then, when fully trained, Scotty will provide lifetime service to a deserving Warrior.  We will continue to share Wilbur’s story, carrying on his legacy and helping Scotty become the best service dog she can be. We are so grateful for individuals like Wilbur who dedicated their all for our freedom and the freedom of people the world over. While Wilbur’s memory lives on, we encourage you to follow Scotty’s story over the next two years, as we remember the great man who positively impacted so many lives.

Giving Back to our Warriors

Wilbur’s story is amazing.  Maybe you also know a story of your own about a brave Warrior.    To honor their memory and help us bring healing and empowerment to wounded Veterans, please consider visiting our web page to donate. You can donate in someone’s honor or memory if you wish, allowing you to carry on their legacy by helping their fellow comrades. If you are unable to donate, we ask that you review our volunteer options and upcoming fundraisers!  There are many ways to help support our noble mission!

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